Don't ship your app without HelpStack!

The Open Source Mobile Help Framework to support your iOS and Android app users.

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In-app customer support has never been easier

Report issues within the app

Let customers report issues from within the app and have relevant tickets created for each

real time conversation

Have real-time conversation with your users without having them to leave the app

Attach Screenshots

Customers can attach screenshots from their mobile gallery to help you diagnose and fix issues faster

Device information in HelpStack

Device and App information gets automatically embedded in every user message

Embed your knowledge base articles

You can embed your help desk knowledge base articles from within the app itself. Just throw in your help desk credentials and HelpStack will take care of the rest.

Knowledge Base in HelpStack

Your HelpStack. Your look.

HelpStack screens are totally customizable.
Change the color and font of HelpStack to reflect the look and feel of your app.

Connect with your favourite Helpdesk


No help desk? No problem!

HelpStack can work for you even if you do not have any help desk account.
Check out our documentation to learn more

Documentation for
Documentation for

How we integrated
HelpStack in Wonderful Day

How to integrate
HelpStack for Andorid


HappyFox Announces Launch of "Mobile Helpdesk" HelpStack for iOS Developers

Perfect for the diverse and ever-changing mobile application world

Open-Source Solution Provides Easy Mobile App Customer Support for Developers


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